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Educational Activity


From 1998 she creates and realizes several educational projects as an expert in the Commission for Culture of Turin, for the Mozart Association in Turin addressed to the schools at all levels in Piedmont.

She has been a Polyphonic and Children’s Choir Director and an expert voice trainer.

From 2004 she teaches voice in the Opera and Baroque Studies Program at the Music Academy “V. Baravalle” in Fossano - today Fondazione Fossano Musica – and its separate branches.

She has taught numerous pupils, who have graduated with full marks at the Conservatories of Torino, Cuneo, Cagliari, Aosta, Milan. Some of them have won important national and international contests, thanks to the dedication she has conveyed to their careers. 

From 2006 she holds master classes where she teaches voice, either Baroque and operatic, with FFM and other Italian music schools. 

Istituto Musicale V.Baravalle / Fondazione Fossano Musica

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